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So, this is the end of an amazing journey and my 52 week program was a memorable experience! 

Working at XIP is a unique experience, we really work as a team interested in solving problems, proposing solutions and always delivering the best result.

I had a very kind reception from the team and I enjoyed several projects which could make me  grow widely as a software developer. The team gave me freedom trying new challenges and with that I learned a lot about the XIP development process, code quality assurance, DevOps, and new technologies.

This should go without saying, but spending extended periods of time living and breathing a new culture allows you to fully immerse yourself. So I grew a lot as a person and how I see the world and the people around me. Moreover, one of my greatest passions is traveling. This experience gave me the opportunity to visit several cities in the Netherlands and also other countries. With that I met new people, tried new foods, beers and wines. It was fantastic!


So, without a doubt that all this provided me with a life-changing experience and I am returning to Brazil a much better person and professional.

Thank you very much XIP! I wait for you in Brazil!